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Looking for a simple and cost effective way to distribute smartphone accessories at a promotional event to impress prospective customers and help them remember you? Custom smartphone sleeves from Custom Logo Cases are a great solution. These smartphone sleeves can fit a wide array of mobile devices to meet the needs of almost anyone who carries a smartphone, so you can be certain that you have something of value to offer everyone you meet at an event.

What Are Custom Smartphone Sleeves?

Custom smartphone sleeves are an alternative to traditional cell phone cases. An ordinary cell phone case typically snaps onto the back of the phone, and some have covers that wrap around to shield the screen from damage. A custom smartphone sleeve is designed much different than cases and case and cover combos. Sleeves are pouches that have stitching around their bottoms and sides, making them completely enclosed on three sides. At the top, there is an opening for sliding in your smartphone.

Key Features of Custom Smartphone Sleeves

The custom smartphone sleeves at Custom Logo Cases are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards. Extra strong thread is used for the stitching to ensure that the sleeves are as durable and sturdy as possible. Unlike many other cell phone sleeves on the market, our custom smartphone sleeves keep phones safely inside, so they don't fall out when a user is on the go. That's because our smartphone cases are outfitted with protective safety straps along the top. Strong grip Velcro is used to secure the strap, so there is no worry about it coming loose.

Types of Custom Smartphone Sleeves

At Custom Logo Cases, we offer two main types of custom smartphone sleeves. The standard option that our custom smartphone sleeves come in is vegan polyurethane leather. This material has the visual appeal and texture of genuine leather; however, it is a little thicker, and it is less expensive than real animal hides. When you purchase a set number of our custom smartphone sleeves, you can upgrade your sleeves to genuine leather. The genuine leather option makes the sleeves more luxurious and appealing to key decision makers and top level executives.

Decorations for Custom Smartphone Sleeves

Our vegan leather and genuine leather custom smartphone sleeves can be decorated with a logo at no additional cost. There are two types of decorations available: embossing and printing. With an embossed decoration, your logo will be stamped onto the leather. The finished sleeve will have an indentation in the shape of your logo on its surface and will be one color with this option. When you choose a printed logo, we will use a state-of-the-art digital printing system to add your logo to the front of the sleeves in full color ink. The logo will be smooth and very easy to spot.

Cost of Custom Smartphone Sleeves

Custom Logo Cases has the absolute lowest prices on custom smartphone sleeves, guaranteed. If you receive a quote for a lower price elsewhere, we'll beat it!



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