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Do you want engraved cases or engraved covers for your devices. We have a large range of wooden cases and bamboo cases in a range of colours and styles, that we can laser engrave with your logo or artwork. We have cases and covers for all devices, smartphones, tablets and more. Get in touch with us if you want engraved cases or engraved covers.


Engraved cases and covers are one of the most luxurious types of smartphone and tablet cases offered here at Custom Logo Cases. Because they have a distinctive air of quality, engraved covers and cases make an excellent impression on anyone who sees them and have a high perceived value. This makes engraved cases and covers for smartphones and tablets ideal for impressing key decision makers at promotional events and for providing great corporate gifts to customers. In addition, engraved covers and cases will allow your employees to maintain a very professional image when they are used to protect your company-owned mobile devices.

What Are Engraved Cases and Covers?

An engraved cover or case is a tablet or smartphone case that is constructed out of a hard material. Instead of being printed with ink, engraved covers and cases are etched, making the design a permanent part of the surface of the tablet or smartphone covering. The etching is done with a state of the art laser system that can produce very highly detailed graphics. With engraved cases and covers, you can have custom artwork or a logo added to the case or cover that you choose.

What Are Engraved Covers and Cases Made of?

Here at Custom Logo Cases, we produce engraved covers and cases out of two materials:

- Wood. Wood cases are constructed out of various types of hardwood, giving them a very rustic, handsome look. The grain is very evident on wood engraved cases and covers, and the wood can be finished in a number of hues.

- Bamboo. Bamboo cases feel smooth like wood grain cases; however, they are fashioned out of a more sustainable material--natural bamboo. While the grain is not quite as prominent on bamboo cases and covers, companies that are concerned with providing eco friendly promotional items may prefer them to wood.

Cost of Engraved Covers and Cases

Custom Logo Cases offers the absolute lowest prices on engraved covers and cases. If you find cases and covers that are similar to the quality of the products that we sell for a lower price elsewhere, we'll beat the price with our low price guarantee. We also don't charge a cent for the engraving. As a part of our standard service, we also optimize your logo to ensure that it's suitable for engraving. Want custom artwork or need a logo? Our graphic designers will create something for you at no extra cost. Shipping is also free all over the world.

We offer bulk pricing on engraved cases and covers, and we give you flexibility to maximize your savings. As long as you purchase only one style of engraved covers and cases, you can mix and match covers and cases for different types of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices for which the particular case or cover is designed. Our money back satisfaction guarantee ensures that you'll be pleased with the results no matter which of our engraved cases or covers you choose for your marketing needs.



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