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We make Government Skins for every iPad device, and we know what works in every situation.

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We work with Governments all over the world to provide some of the best looking Custom Government Skins you'll see


Custom Logo Cases is a leading supplier of protective solutions for government owned laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. Many of the governments that we work with around the world choose government skins as their form of protection due to the many benefits that they provide. We can custom design government skins to fit any type of device. Whether your department or agency uses just one make and model of laptop, tablet or smartphone or many different kinds, we can make uniform, high quality government skins that will fully meet your needs.

What Are Government Skins?

Government skins are a type of covering that clings to the housings on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our government skins are manufactured out of thick vinyl that is highly resistant to wear and tear. The skins can be emblazoned with the symbol, seal or logo for a particular department or agency or even with the flag or seal of your country, territory, state, province or city. We will optimize the artwork that you choose and add it to the skins at no additional charge.

Why Government Skins?

There are a number of reasons why government skins are very popular among the federal, state and provincial and local governments that we work with. Skins are:

- Protective. The vinyl covering provided by government skins limits wear and tear to help maintain the appearance of tablets, phones and laptops.

- Lightweight. Government skins don't make laptops or mobile devices heavier, so they do not limit the portability of phones, tablets or computers.

- Compact. A skin does not add any thickness or length to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. As a result, government employees can easily carry mobile devices in their pockets or bags and use any laptop bag that they choose with the skins in place.

- Cost effective. Government skins are economical and less expensive than some other types of cell phone, tablet and laptop protection solutions.

Types of Government Skins for Mobile Devices

There are two main types of government skins available here at Custom Logo Cases for smartphones and tablet computers. They are:

- Traditional Government Skins. Traditional or full government skins wrap around mobile devices to provide protection for the backs, sides and the trim around the screen. Openings are cut into the skins to keep ports, buttons and the cameras accessible.

- Back Only Government Skins. Back only government skins only cover the backs of devices and do not offer any coverage for the other parts of a tablet or smartphone. The cost of back only government skins is less than the cost of full skins.

The Top Choice for Government Skins

Custom Logo Cases is the top choice for government skins because we provide unparalleled service for governments and have unbeatable prices. We'll be glad to discuss your needs with you and recommend the best solution to meet them. Our free shipping, bulk pricing and price beat guarantee ensure that you'll get the absolute lowest price on government skins when you buy from us.



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