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Welcome to CustomLogoCases Australia

CustomLogoCases brings the latest and best custom logo cases to businesses, schools and organisations across Australia. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit the needs of companies and organisations of all sizes.

What Are Custom Logo Cases?

A custom logo case is a protective covering designed for a mobile device. Today, the majority of adults in Australia use at least one mobile device on a daily basis while at home or at work. Custom cases offer protection for mobile devices, helping to decrease the chances of their becoming damaged due to being dropped or scratched. What sets a custom case apart from cases found in stores is the inclusion of a company's logo or customised artwork on the case. CustomLogoCases includes free artwork design with every order, helping companies optimise their logos for inclusion on cases.

Options for Custom Cases

The options for custom mobile device cases are virtually endless. Typically, cases are made to the specifications of one particular type of mobile device. This allows for enhanced protection and a better fit. Cases for Apple mobile devices like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad, iPad 2, iPad Air and Mini iPad are all incredibly popular. You can also purchase protective cases for many popular Android smart phones and tablets. Many organisations and companies will purchase multiple types of cases to ensure that they have something for every type of device.

Uses for Custom Logo Cases

Custom cases can be used in a number of different ways to benefit companies and organisations. When finished with a custom designed logo, a custom case makes a highly effective marketing tool for a company. You can give cases away at community and corporate events to increase the visibility of your brand. Custom smart phone and tablet cases are also popular donation items for community events and charity giveaways. Some companies, schools and educational institutions have cases designed for their in-house devices in order to ensure that they remain protected from theft and damage. Cases also make ideal giveaway items for employees and customers.

Benefits of a Logo Case Design

There are many reasons why companies across Australia are using custom logo cases to promote their businesses. Cases for smart phones and tablets are highly useful items that are likely to be used on a regular basis. This makes them an effective marketing tool that won't just be received and quickly cast aside. Each time a recipient makes use of their smart phone or tablet, the logo on the cover or jacket is seen, which leads to increased brand awareness. Also, there are a wide variety of types of logo cases available, so companies and organisations can purchase them regardless of their budgetary constraints.

CustomLogoCases has a huge selection of options for your customisation needs. We are always available to assist you with making selections or to answer your questions about our products. Shop our selection now and take advantage of free worldwide delivery and our low price guarantee.


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